It is located 400 meters  of center  of the parish Chugchilán Region Sigchos province of Cotopaxi go by  the way  of the lagoon of Quilotoa with an altitude of 3200 mts.   by Above the sea. Starts the construction the July 03, 2011 with the purpose of offer accommodation to tourists national and foreigners, has an area of 8 hectares of ground of irregular shape, their constructions  are spread in rooms,  areas of rest and restaurants,  other surface are recreational the areas that featuring are the same trails for  walk to the air free that allows relate with the natural wealth of the sector itself. on the other side of the hostel is created with the view to promoting  to participatory tourism benefiting the people of the community, due to the large tourist population that exist in the Parish Chugchilán.

Hostal “El Vaquero”










Laguna Quilotoa

Legend has it that a while ago in the circular caldera located in the center of the volcano, appeared on the surface of a god called Quilotoa lagoon to what was considered the king of all volcanoes eruptions and destroying everything in its step, plus there was a god who could be under water when the lake and the volcano erupting gods fought so in the eighteenth century destroyed all that was around him.
A local man witnessed the fight between the two gods saw fire and threw each other, no one knew who was the god who fought with the Quilotoa Toachi this god was the hatred he had for this in Quilotoa lagoon reflects the color of the sky and he Toachi could not vent his fury; for these reasons major disasters occurred in the sector.










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